Orthomed logo - a client of Formative Design.


With over a decade of experience TEST both in veterinary and medical orthopaedics, Orthomed utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce implant and instrumentation ranges to the same high quality standards as human medical products.

Project 1

3D CAD modelling and detailing of complex TPLO plate, optimised for low cost manufacture.

Project 2

Design and modelling of implant and all associated instrumentation. Sourced CNC machined prototypes for clinical trials. Created photo-real images for marketing material.


DePuy is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of orthopaedic implants and instrumentation. Gary Fenton was a Senior Industrial Design Engineer with DePuy for 5 Years. He has experience in Knee and Hip replacement Implants and associated instrumentation. Spinal instrumentation work was also undertaken.

Project 1

Concept work and 3D Surface modelling on advanced OR components. Working with Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical devices.

Project 2

Concept and development work on Spinal surgical instruments to aid rod bending.

Project 3

Advanced knee instrumentation design.


Based in Birmingham UK, Jointmedica Ltd is an innovative company producing cutting-edge technology to assist surgeon care and, most importantly, patient satisfaction.

Project 1

Various Hip and knee projects, both implants and instrumentation.

Lima Corporate

Lima can claim an experience of over 60 years in the medical field and in biomaterials with implantable prosthesis substitutives of bone articulations: knee, hip, shoulder and minor joints artroplasty.

Project 1

As part of an international team designed and developed a new hip stem product.

Project 2

As part of an international team designed and developed a new hip stem product and associated instrumentation.